The Firm

The Law Offices of Aaron P. McAllister was founded as a firm dedicated to (1) mastering the art of trying and winning jury trials in criminal courts, and (2) reducing the collateral consequences of having contact with the criminal justice system. The firm consists of trial lawyers who zealously advocate for our clients throughout all stages of the criminal proceedings. Throughout the case, we are counselors, negotiators, strategists, and advocates who fight for our clients to produce the best possible results.

Fighting to Protect Our Clients

Coming into contact with the criminal justice system can be a frightening and stressful experience. Criminal charges can result in fines, community service, probation, and/or incarceration. Contact with the criminal justice system can also produce collateral consequences, e.g., a conviction may result in termination from one’s position of employment and/or interfere with one’s pursuit of higher education.

Knowing the potential for loss of freedom as well as the possible collateral consequences, our trial lawyers provide an aggressive defense to best protect our clients and their futures; indeed, we strategize and prepare each case for trial, while also seeking to negotiate the best possible plea deal. We consider the charges, the physical evidence, the witnesses, credibility of the witnesses, potential defenses, and more to provide our clients an accurate assessment of their case. Indeed, we provide high quality legal advice narrowly tailored to each client’s case to enable our clients to make an informed decision as to each important step of their case, including whether to accept a plea offer or fight the case through trial. Furthermore, we also provide expungement services, where appropriate, to mitigate the effects of having contact with the criminal justice system.